two people in winter gear looking out over snowy mountain pointing


Who We Are

Founded in China in 2010, we are a factory-direct brand that designs, manufactures, and sells our our own winter sportswear products directly to customers of all types–brands, retailers, athletic organizations, and individual riders

With over 35 years as a top-tier manufacturer and deep experience in technical outerwear production, we design our products from the ground up with performance, comfort and durability in mind. Our goal is to give you everything you need to ensure the best possible on-snow experience 

Our products are designed for snow riders at all levels, from the working pros and instructors to the simple outdoor enthusiast. With our in-house development and customization capabilities, Advanturer is able to design, create, and produce with unprecedented speed at any scale-from one piece to 1,000.


At Advanturer, we have made it our mission to provide premium, customizable outerwear and technical winter apparel to the marketplace, focusing on supporting and working with the following (mostly endemic) groups:

  • Co-brands with retailers and brands
  • Snowsport camps/events SMU
  • Resorts/Clubs/Association Uniforms
  • Direct to Consumer via e-commerce


At Advanturer, our vision is to create a unique brand model that serves customers of all types including brands, retailers, organizations, and individual consumers. With the development of the digital marketplace, direct-to-consumer retail trends, and because we own our own factories and R&D facilities, we can make this dream a reality.